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Uses for Drones

Uses for drones is not just limited to recreation. There are many ways a drone can enhance your life and your business! Some commercial ideas for a use of a drone are:

Real Estate/Building Inspection

Make custom video tours, take photos of roofs, and inspect property with ease. Drones are a great way to market property and also to provide full disclosure of the state of the property to prospective buyers.


Forestry/Wildlife Services

Tracking the health of forests, populations of animal species and migrations, snow pack and health of our ecosystem, drones make nearly impossible surveying tasks much simpler and more affordable.


Planning for any type of construction, whether it be earth moving, building, pipe laying, or demolition, can be assisted with aerial photography and video provided by a drone.


Managing vast amounts of crops and livestock can be incredibly difficult for farmers to keep track of. A drone can provide a bird’s eye view helping the farmer find lost or sick livestock, identify areas of crops that need extra tending to, and execute general monitoring with ease. Drones can also be modified to spray crops eliminating the need for expensive planes.


Public Safety and Service

Fire and police departments are finding drones to be extremely helpful. Searching for missing people (thermal cameras are great for this at night), monitoring traffic accidents, capturing crime scene photos, are a few ways the police department has utilized the drone.

Fire responders can track the movement of fires, survey fire damage, and locate individuals in a burning building. Delivering supplies to remote and dangerous locations by a drone takes the risk out of putting our public servants in harm’s way.


News Reporting

The time of sending expensive helicopters and news crews to capture information for a story are coming to an end. A drone can accomplish what a helicopter can without the noise and can also maneuver into smaller spaces. Drones can also take more risks in a dangerous situation such as reporting in hostile areas without risking a journalist’s life.


Cinema and photography have been taken to another level by the drone’s aerial capabilities. Athletic events, weddings, landscapes and more can be easily captured by a drone.

Security- Montana is a wide-open-space and that’s what we love so much about it! If you’ve got assets and plenty of ground to cover… a drone might be just the thing you need to survey the land and fill you in on happenings in places that might be hard to get to quickly. Whether its crops, tall buildings, towers or livestock a drone can be a handy tool for keeping your investments in check. With that in mind- it’s important to remember a drone is not a replacement for traditional security measures. Securing your assets should also include security cameras and a smart alarm system. These days many alarm systems can be installed with things such as beam detectors, motions, flood detectors and temperature sensors that can text you when a room is too hot or too cold. A smart alarm and send you a notification on your phone and let you know its time to launch your drone and take stock!


photo credit: http://villarussocatering.com/drone-wedding-photography-and-gopro-videos/


Make sure that you follow the UAS FAA guidelines before offering a professional drone service.

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